The Mortgage Process

Our goal is to make your home financing experience as seamless as possible. In doing so, your Loan Officer will review the entire financing process with you in detail so you understand each step along the way.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from the application process:


Your Loan Officer will assist you with completing the application package within 14 days of signing the sales contract. This includes submitting all required documentation such as pay stubs, bank statements and possibly tax returns.

Loan Approval

After we review your complete application package, we will issue a Loan Commitment that outlines the terms and conditions of your approval. It is important to communicate any changes in your employment, income, financial or credit situation to us immediately, as these may affect your loan approval.

Build Your Loan

During the construction of your home, your Loan Officer and Loan Processor will stay in contact with your sales and construction team to ensure there are no last minute delays or hurdles. It’s also a good idea to discuss the various options for locking an interest rate. Toll Brothers Mortgage offers LockSolid® rate protection for up to 12 months on many programs.

The Home Stretch

We will need to update your records as the completion of your home approaches. About 60 days prior to closing, we will re-confirm your income/employment information, verify sufficient assets for settlement and obtain a current credit report. We will also order a property appraisal of your new home.

Prepare for Closing

At least 15 days before closing, we will need a copy of your new homeowner’s insurance policy (if required) and a title package from your settlement agent. At this time, any outstanding details of your loan approval must be satisfied, as we cannot prepare documents for closing until all information has been received and approved.

The Day Has Arrived

Congratulations, you are officially a homeowner!